About Us
Schmidty Racing

We are a family owned and operated suspension company located in Central California. Off-road vehicles have been a part of the Schmidt family for three decades and our knowledge of shocks and other suspension components is a direct result of firsthand testing in a variety of terrains. Just like so many other off-road enthusiasts out there we felt it was very challenging to find and order replacement parts for rebuilding shocks and decided we could fill a huge void by providing complete seal kits and parts based on our experience and expertise – especially for those hard to find early models.

Our shop specializes in rebuilding, re-valving, and custom setup of on and off-road shocks. We offer chroming, anodizing, polishing, and powder-coating of shocks and shock parts for your custom ride.

Our shop is a Race Tech dealer and can install Gold Valve kits in your shocks or forks. If you are looking for a replacement shock but don’t want to spend the money for a new one, we also carry rebuilt shocks for several different models to suit your needs.

We can help you with custom re-valving, re-springing of OEM or aftermarket shocks. Field-testing is available by appointment. Visit our online store for our current inventory of rebuilt shocks, seal kits, remote reservoir mount kits, nitrogen regulator shock re-charging kits, nitrogen fill-tools, dual rate spring kits, and other miscellaneous shock parts and accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for feel free to email or call with your questions.

Schmidty Racing
Visalia, California
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