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Shock Rebuild Seal Kits

Get ready to revitalize your off-road suspension system with our premium shock rebuild seal kits. These kits are meticulously engineered with precision and durability in mind, containing the necessary components to replace worn-out seals and o-rings, ensuring a tight and leak-free seal. Our seal kits feature top of the line Viton O-rings and Parker Seals to ensure your shocks service life lasts the longest! By renewing and optimizing your off-road shocks with our seal kits, you can enjoy improved damping, increased control, and a smoother ride on even the roughest terrains.
Trust in the expertise of Schmidty Racing Suspensions to deliver top-notch Shock Rebuild Seal Kits that exceed your expectations. Shop our selection of premium kits today and restore the performance of your off-road shocks for maximum off-road capability.