Schmidty Racing Suspensions does a complete rebuild of your shock. We disassemble, clean and lube all necessary parts. Includes new dust seal, oil seal, seal head o-ring, fresh Lucas synthetic shock oil, nitrogen re-charge: and in several cases the bumper as well. (A bumper is not included on some models where the bumper rarely ever need replacing.) On front shock rebuilds, bottom out bumpers will be replaced on an "as needed basis", and would be an additional charge. Any additional worn, damaged or broken parts needing to be replaced beyond what is previously listed, would be an additional charge. We can also re-valve and re-spring your shocks for your specific weight, swing-arm/a-arm length, riding type, and skill level. We offer chroming, powder-coating, and anodizing services. Schmidty Racing is also a Race Tech dealer and offers Race Tech products at competitive prices.

Click on the red boxes below to download either the custom shock form or the rebuild form. Please print the correct form and send a completed copy in along with the shock(s) being serviced. The Ship To address can be found at the top of the form.

UTV Shocks:



1.5"shocks: Per/(PR)-$200
2.0"shocks: Per/(PR)-$220
2.5"shocks: Per/(PR)-$240
2.5" INTERNAL/BYPASS/LIVE-VALVE shocks: Per/(PR)-$260
3.0" shocks: Per/(PR)-$250
3.0" INTERNAL/BYPASS/LIVE-VALVE shocks: Per/(PR)-$270

Full rebuild includes replacing all o-rings and seals. Shock components are cleaned, reassembled, & then shocks are filled with Lucas synthetic shock oil & recharged. As part of our standard rebuild on Fox UTV shocks, we, include the installation of a high temp/pressure schrader valve in the OEM nitrogen reservoir caps with the rubber pellet fill port. , to be able to easily service the shocks thereafter. If you upgrade to our High Volume Nitrogen end-caps at the time of rebuild, we will apply a $5 credit towards the cost of the new caps per shock.


It is recommended that you do re-valving when the shocks are apart for a rebuild. Since the shocks will need to be fully dis-assembled, bled,partially cleaned & recharged to install the new valving; (which are all things (along with a few more) which we would be doing on a full rebuild anyway; therefore, if you are going to do re-valving,it makes good financial sense to do both simultaneously.
1.5"shocks: FOX Shocks- $50 per/shock - Walker Evans shocks- $58 per/shock
2.0"shocks: FOX Shocks- $50 per/shock - Walker Evans shocks- $65 per/shock
2.5"shocks: FOX Shocks- $60 per/shock - Walker Evans shocks- $80 per/shock
3.0"shocks: FOX Shocks- $65 per/shock - Walker Evans shocks- $85 per/shock

Dual-Rate Replacement Spring Kits:

Schmidty Racing offers high quality dual-rate replacement spring kits, to replace the low quality, saggy, & ill handling OEM springs found on most UTV's. We use Top quality Eibach springs in our kits, although our kits are NOT off the shelf Eibach kits..We make our own high quality spring adapter, sliders, and cross-over collar hardware and through countless hours of testing use the best spring rates to provide the ride you have been reading about on the forums.. Most UTV models are available with either "Standard" , or "RACE" hardware. See our Spring kit section in the drop-down of the UTV section. Our kits give you a "TRUE" dual rate, with adjustable crossover collars which offer infinite adjustability. They provide a super plush ride, with superior bottoming resistance with different kit options available for different payload and riding types. We can also service and stock rebuild parts for many after market brands such as: Works Performance, Custom Axis, Elka, TCS, Fox, and PEP. Give us a call today for pricing and answers to any questions you might have regarding your specific shock.

ATV/ (3 Wheel-ATC) Shock/Fork Rebuild Options:

Showa Rear Shock (1)
(Some, but not all models included) Showa Rear Mono-shock models included :

  • HONDA ATC 250R '83-'86 . ...........................$225.00
  • HONDA ATC 200X & 350X '83-'86 ................$225.00
  • HONDA TRX400EX .(all years)......................$225.00
  • HONDA TRX250R '86-'89 ............................$225.00
Showa ATC Front FORKS (PR/both forks)
(Some, but not all ATC models included) Showa forks :
  • HONDA ATC 250R '83-'86 . ...........................$240.00
  • HONDA ATC 200X & 350X '83-'86 ................$240.00

Showa Front ATV Coilover Shocks :(Pr) PRICE: ....$235.00

KYB Rear Mono-Shock : PRICE:............................... $235.00

KYB Front ATV Coilover Shocks :(Pr) PRICE: ..........$250.00

Works Performance Rear Large Body Shock PRICE: $235.00

Works Performance Front Small Body Shocks:
PRICE: Emulsion shock without reservoir-.................. (Single-$125) ($200.00/pair)
Shocks with remote reservoir/piggybacks- ...................(Single-$135) ($235/pair)
Custom Axis, P.E.P,TCS, Rear Mono-Shock PRICE:................... $235.00
Custom Axis, P.E.P,TCS Front Shocks PRICE: Shocks with remote reservoir/piggybacks ($240/pair)

ATV Shock Rebuild Options:

FOX- 1.5" (Single with remote reservoir/piggybacks-Price (Single-$135) ($235/pair)

SHOWA- 40-50mm OEM Rear Shock (1)............ $225.00
SHOWA- 36-44mm OEM Front Shocks (Pr.)........$235.00

KYB- 40-50mm OEM Rear Shock.PRICE................ $235.00

KYB- 36-44mm OEM Front Shocks (Pr).PRICE........ $250.00
- Works Performance Rear Large Body Shock
PRICE: $235.00

- Works Performance Small Body Shocks: : Emulsion shock without reservoir-Price (Single-$125) ($200.00/pair)
- Works Performance Small Body Shocks
: with remote reservoir/piggybacks-Price (Single-$135) ($235/pair)
Custom Axis, P.E.P, TCS Rear Mono-Shock PRICE: $235.00
Custom Axis, P.E.P, TCS, Front Shocks (pr.) PRICE: Shocks with remote reservoir/piggybacks ($240/pair)

Elka large body 46-50mm Rear Mono-ShockPRICE: $240.00
Elka small body 36-50mm Front Shocks(Pr.) PRICE: $260.00

Motorcycle Rebuild options:

PRICE: $250.00
Honda CRF230f & CRF150F OEM rear shocks.

For the CRF230F, or CRF150F, most shops say that the rear shock is not rebuildable.. This is a myth.. We not only rebuild it, but modify it so that it can be easily serviced the next time.. Service includes installation of a nitrogen schrader valve, new seals and o-ring, Lucas synthetic shock oil, and new bottom out bumper. We use all genuine Honda quality parts. **(If your shaft is damaged, we also have new shafts, So we can still rebuild them, there just will be an additional charge for the new shaft)

PRICE $235
Honda CRF450R OR CRF450X , HONDA CRF250R or CRF250X Rear shock. Includes seals,o-rings, schrader and new bumper with Lucas synthetic shock oil.