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Textron XX Wildcat Dual Rate Spring Kit l Schmidty Racing Suspensions

Textron XX Wildcat Dual Rate Spring Kit

2 Reviews
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This is a true dual-rate spring kit utilizing the factory crossover collars from Schmidty Racing Suspensions for the Textron XX Wildcat that features the Fox 2.5" Front and 2.5" Rear shocks. These kits feature top of the line Swift/Eibach brand springs which replace the low quality / saggy / poor riding OEM springs.

This kit will only fit Fox shocks that came standard on the Textron XX Wildcats Models. This kit will not work or fit Walker Evans shocks.

With our dual rate spring kit you can expect to:
  1. Regain lost ride height.
  2. Receive a truly plush ride eliminating most of the trail chatter feedback you get from embedded rocks, ruts, tree roots, tire tracks, etc. with the lighter initial spring rate of both springs active.
  3. Superior bottoming resistance when the spring separator contacts the crossover collars and engages the heavier main spring solely for the remainder of the shock stroke.

The beauty of this kit is that it is truly adjustable! The threaded crossover collars can be infinitely adjusted "up" or "down" on the shock body thread, to set the point in the stroke where the spring separator contacts the cross-over collars and engages the heavier main spring solely for the remainder of the shock stroke. Either hardware style of our spring kits are totally user friendly and require no shock modification to install. Installation only requires basic tools and 3-4 hours time. Our dual rate spring kits come with a detailed and complete, step-by-step installation instruction sheet with settings, diagrams, and photos.

Full Replacement Spring Kits Include:

  • (8) Quality Swift/Eibach Springs (4 tender & 4 main springs)
  • (4) 2.5" Replacement Shock Sliders
  • (1) Installation Instruction Sheet
  • * Each kit does all four (4) front and rear shocks*

    We use quality springs in our kits, because they are the best! While quality doesn't not always make it the cheapest spring, we want to provide you with the best possible kit when you go to upgrade your ride with replacement springs. Our spring kits, unlike others, don't require extensive preload amounts that cause shock body wear. We may not be the cheapest but the quality that you receive in our kit is second to none. Customers who have chosen our proven kits have been thrilled with the ride and performance we offer. Many of our customers originally used spring kits from our competitors before coming to us, but after being disappointed with others' results they tried ours and wholeheartedly affirm the superior quality.

    We encourage you to ask our competitors what springs they are using in their kits!


Average Rating:
( 2 )
Dan from Lake Havasu City, AZ United States
October 31, 2022
Textron XX Wildcat Dual Rate Spring Kit
Installed this kit to hopefully improve the ride quality. It really made a difference. Rides much better, feels more planted, sway is less. Can ride the washboard trails much faster and in better control. Definitely worth the time and money.
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Alex Y from Hurricane, UT United States
January 27, 2022
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