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Uniweld 3000 PSI Nitrogen Regulator Kit with Gauge, Bleed Off, and Whip l Schmidty Racing Suspensions

Uniweld 3000 PSI Nitrogen Regulator Kit | with Gauge, Bleed Off, and Whip

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Product Code: N-REG-UNI3000-WHP
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Nitrogen charging kit from Schmidty Racing Suspensions with regulator, hose, and no-loss chuck. Kit includes a Uniweld RHP3000 (0 - 2500 PSI) regulator and comes standard with an 8' long rubber hose. The kit comes with a our hand assembled End Assembly, which includes a shutoff valve, Secondary Output gauge, bleed off valve, and no loss chuck. Swivel fittings will rotate 360 degrees to get into any position without kinking the hose. There are different hose length options made of either rubber or stainless steel.

Hose Options:

    Rubber: 8', 12', 15' lengths

    Stainless Steel: 6', 8', 12', 15' lengths

The rubber hoses are rated to 3250 PSI; the stainless steel ones are braided, Teflon-lined, and rated to 3000 PSI. Either type of hose has female swivel fittings on each end. On the end of the hose is our End Assembly that includes a 0-3000PSI Gauge and Stainless Shutoff Valve. The hose is a 12" braided stainless steel flexible stainless steel hose with a swivel end to allow the no-loss chuck to rotate 360 degrees to get into tight places. Our end assemblies also come with a more durable and rugged, glycerin-filled gauge that have a 2" face and polished stainless steel body.


Uniweld RHP3000 (100-2500 PSI delivery pressure):

  • The regulator is brass and has a 0-4000 PSI tank gauge with a 0-2500 PSI output gauge.
  • The regulator comes with a CGA580 tank nipple (which fits most standard nitrogen tanks) and a male 1/4" (-4) flare fitting on the hose connection port.


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