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Pro R and Turbo R Walker Evans UTV High Volume Nitrogen Reservoir Replacement End cap | Schmidty Racing

SRS Pro R & Turbo R Walker Evans High Volume Nitrogen Reservoir End Cap(Pair)

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Product Code: UT-WENITCGEN2_2.5F

Sold as a PAIR. These are High Volume Nitrogen Reservoir End Caps from Schmidty Racing Suspensions to replace the OEM 2.5" front reservoir body endcaps & 3.0" rear reservoir body endcaps found on the Polaris Pro R and Turbo R UTV. These are designed to replace the OEM needle rubber nitrogen fill port style end caps that are found on new Walker Evans UTV shocks, which are hard to fill/check pressure & are unreliable. The OEM Walker Evans end caps that actually had schrader valves also had low quality, "low pressure" cores in them which are also very failure prone. Our Schmidty Racing Suspension replacement endcaps address all those issues!

Replacement Cap Features:

- Our endcaps have an actual schrader valve installed in them,& allows the shocks to be serviced and recharged using a standard no-loss chuck!

-The schrader valves on these endcaps are "recessed" into a pocket &
have an o-ring based "schrader valve cap" which threads onto the schrader valve and seals it into the recessed pocket. This fully protects it from dirt, debris, mud, sand, etc!

-The schrader valve comes with a "high heat/pressure" Viton, schrader valve stem core for long term reliable service.

-Fits 2.5" Front Reservoir Body and 3.0" Rear Reservoir Body.

-These end caps also "increase" the nitrogen capacity of the reservoir. Shocks lose nitrogen over time and with use. By installing an end cap with a "larger volume", that "loss" will represent a smaller percentage of the total volume, and therefore keep the shock at, or near it's targeted pressure for a longer period of time, giving you better shock performance, for a longer period of time as well as extended service intervals.

-These reservoir caps are made from billet 6061 billet aluminum and have been black anodized then are engraved with our SRS logo. Each end cap also comes with a new o-ring for re-installing the replacement cap back into the shock reservoir, as well as instructions on how to install them.

To confirm which end cap size you need please measure the outside diameter of the shock reservoir.
2.5 Reservoir End Cap: 2.480"

Note: As stated these end caps replace the OEM Walker Evans 2.5" Front & 3.0" Rear Reservoir Needle fill style end caps for the Polaris Pro R and Turbo R.


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